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Travelling cross country in search of a target

Internet Resources 


My original webpage featuring painted wargaming and fantasy miniatures

Marui Tank Group

This Yahoo Group is the best Internet discussion site for Marui tank owners. The members are knowledgeable and extremely helpful. Includes a Links page for places to purchase Marui tanks.

M1 Abrams Group

Another Yahoo Group for modelers scratchbuilding large scale Abrams models. The files section has extensive M1A2 SEP images

Global Security. Org

Global Security's summary page on the Abrams Battle Tank

FAS. Org

The Federation of American Scientist's summary of the Abrams Battle Tank

Major Rob's Motor Pool

Extensive reference photos "walk around" style of most major modern US Army vehicles. Includes camoflague patterns, and interior views of vehicles. Invaluable to the military modeler.

The ARMOR Site

An excellent and up to date summary of the Abrams, similar to Global Security and FAS


Features several galleries of Abrams reference pictures for modelers

IMPS London

This UK based Abrams enthuasist has reference pictures of the engine bay

1St Cavalry Division

The First Team's official homepage, DOD website

Modeling Resources

Excellent news, discussion group, kit reviews, and modeling articles

Excellent news, discussion group, kit reviews, and modeling articles

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