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Welcome to MINIATURE-ART! This website is a gallery of miniatures, and models that I have created over the years.
In this webpage you will find mainly painted examples of 28 mm wargaming miniatures. I do have a diverse interest in all types of modeling, so you will see images of military vehicles, vinyl and resin kits of famous movie, and television personalities, and sculptures of cute, and whimsical characters.
The best work of my friends will also grace this webpage. Their work will be showcased under various "Guest Pages". Be warned, this webpage is image intensive, with long download times, but your patience will be well rewarded. Please come back often and enjoy the pictures within!


This new webpage was created on 01/31/01


Hello everyone, no new updates for now. I'm still busy trying to solve my bandwidth problems, and I believe I'm making some headway. If you can access this page without any interruption then that's an indication that things should look better for the future.
If you happen to visit NYC do stop by The Compleat Stratagist. It's a fixature of the NYC gaming community since the late 1970's and can be found at:
11 East 33 St.
NYC, NY 10016
(212) 685-3880
The store is one block away from the historic Empire State Building, and you can find tons of classic games, modules and miniatures. Their webiste is at:

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BOBBY WONG, Games Day USA 2001

Photo, courtesy of Games Workshop US