BloodQuest Squad
Display Base


Leonatos Captain of the Exiles
Brother Palemon
Seargent Tranio
Scout Novice Proteus
Scout Novice Lysander
Veteran Brother Cloten
Display Base

Display Base Rear Left Corner

A movement tray is now a requirement for the Warhammer 40K Squad Category at the US Golden Demon competition. Thus I decided on making a highly detailed scenic display base to better showcase my miniatures, drawing inspration from the places the Exiles fought over on Eidolon. I treated the display base as another "character" to model and paint, and lavished many little details on it.
The basic frame is mahognay with a brass nameplate, and pewter Imperial Eagle castings from Bulldog Belt Buckle Co. in all 4 corners. Several layers of foamcore with Kneadatite is used to model the small hills, with plastic and metal spikes and littered debris. With the miniatures in place, the idea is to show the Exiles overrunning a Chaos Marine position on the planet of Eidolon.

Base Front Left

The wooden stakes are metal castings taken from a WHFB Bretonnian Army Boxed Set.


Base Front Right

A victim of the Chaos Marines floats in a pond, attacting all sorts of tentacled creatures. The rotting body and tentacles are from WHFB plastic regiment sets.


Hardicus Top Veiw

A Khornate Bezerker is cut down by Cloten and Proteus. This plastic Chaos Marine miniature was cut and repositioned at the knees, feet, hips, elbows and shoulders to realistically drape the body on the ground.

Hardicus Head Detail

A neck, chin, and veterbrae were sculpted from Kneadatite to detail the inside of the World Eater's helmet.

Base Rear Right

A bloody skull is pierced onto a sign post (made from plastic stock), while a Nurgling leers defiantly at the Blood Angels. Also the skinned face of some poor unfortunate is nailed to the sign post as a grisly trophy.

Base Front Detail

Static grass, as well as gravel, and sand are use to model the terrain, littered with skulls, discarded armor, as well as mushrooms and ivy. Bones on the battlefield are painted in a dark brown-gray color, while others are ivory, bleached by sunlight.

Hardicus Nameplate

Black paint thinned with ink allowed me to paint in the name "HARDICUS" on the shoulder pad nameplate, in homage to the 2000 US Golden Demon Slayer Sword winner.

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