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Veteran Brother Cloten


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Veteran Brother Cloten
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Cloten Front

Originally from another Company, blood-crazed Cloten joined Leonatos on his quest so he can smite as many of the Emperor's foes before the Red Curse takes his sanity. Always first in battle, few can stand before him.
Arguably the most popular character of BloodQuest, I modeled Cloten with running Assault Marine legs so he can rush into battle.

Cloten's head

Close-up photo of Cloten. His head is made from the driver found on the Landraider MK3 acessory sprue, with Kneadatite hair, and long facial scars, and cleft chin.

Cloten's Plasma Pistol

A Plasma Pistol with wood grip provides deadly close range firepower. His weapon combinations are probably illegal in game terms, but is accurate to how Cloten is depicted in the artwork.

Cloten's Powerfist

Cloten's favorite weapon is his deadly Powerfist. I decorated it with a wreath and blood-drop, as well as jewelled knuckles.

Cloten's Power Axe

This Power-Axe resembles an Ork Choppa in design. The blade is made from laminated plastic sheet, then sanded for proper shape and bevel.

"NO! Never over! Never failure! We are Blood Angels, sons of Sanguinius! We do not fail! We do not submit! As long as there are enemies before us, our duty is always clear!"

Cloten, BloodQuest Book 2

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