BloodQuest Squad
Scout Novice Proteus


Leonatos Captain of the Exiles
Brother Palemon
Seargent Tranio
Scout Novice Proteus
Scout Novice Lysander
Veteran Brother Cloten
Display Base

Proteus Front

Scout Novice Proteus was the best initiate of the Blood Angels 10th Company. With Lysander and Menelius, they joined Leonatos without permission to seek an opportunity to prove their bravery. Proteus is an easy conversion from a standard Space Marine Scout miniature. I simply filed off the hair, and added an antenna to the headset.

Proteus Rear

Breaking from estalished guidelines I chose a brown leather color for the equimpent pouches and boots, as well as black fatigues for the Scout-Novices. Jes Goodwin sculpted many little touches on the miniature; note the rope on the belt, and flares on the left wrist gauntlet. The running pose is a perfect complement to the Cloten miniature.

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