BloodQuest Squad
Leonatos Captain of the Exiles


Leonatos Captain of the Exiles
Brother Palemon
Seargent Tranio
Scout Novice Proteus
Scout Novice Lysander
Veteran Brother Cloten
Display Base

2001 Leonatos Front

This is the second of my Leonatos miniatures; the hero of BloodQuest whose determination and bravery inspires his brothers on their search of the Blood Blade. Although the pose is different for the original, and the miniature is mounted on a standard 25mm base, many of the distinguishing details are the same. This allowed me to quickly convert the miniature from approximately 90 seperate pieces, taking 60 hours to paint.
Curiously, unlike other Blood Angels heros, Leonatos does not wear highly ornamented power armor. His decorations are quite plain, unlike the golden Artificer Armor of Tycho. The pose is base on Mike McVey's limited edition Leonatos miniature; with the Blade Encarmine pointing foward Leonatos commands the Exiles to attack.

2001 Leonatos Rear

Because the base is smaller this time around, a half skull, and tiny twig of ivy are used instead. The Iron Halo on the backpace is slightly larger, and the embroidery on the back of the cape is repeated on this miniature. A daisy again adorns the back of this base. The Blade Encarmine was painted to look almost crystalline. When activated I would guess it glows red with power, hence its name.

Leonatos' Head

This detail photo shows the converted Seargent's head taken from the Tactical Marine Acessory sprue. Of note are the two services studs on the left brow.

2001 Leonatos Right

This right side view shows the metal sculpted shoulder pads, distinctive purity seals, and holstered Bolt Pistol with added ammo clip. Note the heat schorched nozzle of the Meltagun which also has the single winged skull decoration.

2001 Leonatos Left

A close up of the left arm showing the decorative studs on the gauntlet, as well as the sculpted feathers on the elbow.
The shoulder pad is also a nicely sculpted metal item with Leonatos' disinctive winged skull icon added.

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