BloodQuest Squad
Scout Novice Lysander


Leonatos Captain of the Exiles
Brother Palemon
Seargent Tranio
Scout Novice Proteus
Scout Novice Lysander
Veteran Brother Cloten
Display Base

Lysander Front

Scout Novice Lysander spent much of his time with the Exiles getting into trouble, requiring Cloten to save him on at least two occasions. Although young, he earned the respect of his brethen in a personal duel with a slavemaster of Slannesh in the wastelands of Eidolon. In his honor I modeled him to carry Leonatos' personal banner. Of note is the Haywire greande on his belt. Also the right arm originally held a Bolt Pistol upright. This arm was removed and replaced with one sculpted from Kneadatite with a plastic hand.

Lysander's Head

In BloodQuest, Space Marine Scouts are depicted without hair. Both Proteus and Lysander have been painted to resemble stubble on their bare heads.

Leonato's Banner

Leonatos' personal banner is purely fictional, but I tried to incorporate as many of his personal icons as possible, including the same colors from his tabbard, the single winged skull, and Iron Halo. I surmised he led the 4th Company hence the four blood drops.

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