BloodQuest Squad
Brother Palemon


Leonatos Captain of the Exiles
Brother Palemon
Seargent Tranio
Scout Novice Proteus
Scout Novice Lysander
Veteran Brother Cloten
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Palemon is one of two Tactical Marines to survive the Battle of Sekundar. He followed Leonatos into exile, and provides accurate Bolter fire to cover his brother's assault in close combat. In battle he's been know to keep a healthy distance from the blood-crazed Cloten.

Palemon's head

A close up photo of Brother Palemon's head. Ironically the head is from the plasctic WHFB Chaos Warriors acessory sprue. I personally love the monk-like haircut Palemon sports, and it gives him a severe look.

Palemon Base Detail

The Bolter shell casings are made from brass tubing that was polished before cutting. A bit of gloss varnish helps prevent tarnish on the brass resulting from diciplined Bolter fire.

Palomon Right Detail

A fierce warrior, Palemon has not achieved the status of Veteran. He wears standard issue armor with Company insignia that is painted on. Note the MK7 helmet on his belt.

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