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Epic 40K Ultramarines Battle Force


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Epic 40K Ultramarines Battle Force
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Epic 40k Ultramarines Battle Force. For the uniniatated, Epic 40K is a wargame that uses very tiny miniatures. All infantry are only 6mm tall! The photos show miniatures with extra details added, mimicking their larger 28mm counterparts.
This Battle Force placed 2nd in the Best Epic 40k category Games Day/Golden Demon 1998.


Epic 40K UlrtaMarines Battleforce

Khorne Dog

A Pudgy Demon of Khorne (Khorne-Dog) inspects actual size Epic scale miniatures. A US penny is included for size comparsion.

NOTE: The images of miniatures pictured below have been enlarged approximately 3-4 times actual size.

Click on the links below to view each unit:

Tatical and Devestator Squads

Assault and Scout Squads

Headquarters Units

Terminator Squads

Marneus Calgar and Support Units

Landraiders and Rhino

Thunderhawk Gunship