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These are webpages or websites that I visit often:


The homepage of Luis Vasquez. Luis is a fantastic sculptor and very passionate about his illustrations. He introduced me to sculpting and webpage design. I'm proud to call him a close friend, and a mentor. I've certainly learned much from Luis. Please visit and let him know what you think of his work.

Doctor Faust's Painting Clinic

Doctor Faust has been invaluable to the miniature painting commnuity with descriptive "how-to" articles, and wonderfully painted miniature galleries. Occasionally you can even purchase some of his miniatures!

The Fortified City of Karoath

The webpage of Brett DeWald. Brett is a multiple US Golden Demon winner, and his site features images of his stunning work. In addition his webpage has a great layout that is both easy to use and pretty to look at.

Littlebrush Miniature Gallery

The webpage of Ng Chern Ang. You will find in his page: Fine painted miniatures, essays on taking digital photography, and some of the best painted Talismen miniatures. Plus scans of the Games Workshop Monster Catalog.

The Warp

The Warp is one of the best resource sites for fantasy and science fiction wargaming. They host many great sites, have a rumors section, and discussion forums. Highly reccomended!

True Believers

Jason Moses has some very interersting conversions, and well painted miniatures, using oil based paints! A must see!

The Chambers of Miniatures

The website of Patrick Chambers. You can count on his monthly updates of beautifully painted fantasy and sci-fi minitaures. He also has the most comprehensive links of miniature painting sites on the web.

Jennifer's Miniature Gallery

If you want to see painted miniatures that truly inspire me, then click on the link above. Jennifer Haley has absolutely beautiful miniatures on her page. Her work is so good, she's famous for the bids she recieves on Ebay!

Maximum Warhammer

Maximum Warhammer is another great wargaming resource site. My favorite part is the daily updates of new and interesting tidbits about wargaming, miniatures, rumors, and terrain. Highly reccomemded!!!

Exile Films

Exile Films is an independent production company specializing in CGI for the movie industry. These chaps are responsible for bringing us the BloodQuest feature film with state of the art animation. Their work impresses me to no end, and I'm eagerly awaiting to see their final results!

'Heresy Begets RETRIBUTION!'

This is a fan based site of Phil Bradley. It includes the UK Golden Demon/Games Day coverage, as well as his impressive scratchbuilt Thunderhawk. A must see!

Codex Dark Templar

Home of the Dark Templars, a DIY codex featuring increadible artwork, and well painted miniatures. In addition this website features exclusive stories,and a homegrown codex. Impressive site!


Gareth and his son run an excellent and very comprehensive site for converting Warhammer 40K vehicles. They also have the best US Games Day coverage, with indepth tips from the Games Workshop sculptors and rumors as well. A must see!

StrayCatt's Miniatures Page

The personal gallery page of Adam Catt. Adam is a Golden Demon winner as well as a well respected veteran of the US Grand Tournaments. You'll see he's an increadible sculptor and a great painter as well. Highly reccomended!

Fantasy Miniatures

Holgar Schmidt is a talented painter from Germany, and a fixature of the Yahoo mini-Painting list. His miniatures are beautiful with precise freehand work, and great themed bases.


Dominic Heutelbeck is a fixature in the miniature painting community. Besides his increadible miniatures, his webpage is the home of the funny "Figmantia" and the painting showcase "Vision in Color". A true gentleman, and respected moderator of the Yahoo Mini-Painting list.

The Miniatures Page

Bill Armintrout owns the most comprehensive website dedicated to miniature wargaming on the Internet. Besides fantasy, it features news on the industry as well as Historical and alternative Sc-Fi miniature lines and rules.
Truly a giant on the Internet.


A fixature in the Games Workshop Internet community, this is the site to visit for rumors, and the Games Day UK coverage. Besides the news and rumors, guests contribute to it's extensive galleries of miniatures. A great site by Pete Closs.