Epic 40K UltraMarines Battleforce
Marneus Calgar and Support Units


Thunderhawk Gunship
Landraiders and Rhinos
Marneus Calgar and Support Units
Headquarters Units
Terminator Squads
Tatical and Devestator Squads
Assault and Scout Squads

One of the things I like to do is convert Epic miniatures. Because of their size, and gaps in the miniature range, conversions are easy. The plastic material is soft, and details can easily be added from other miniatures or sheet and rod plastic stock. Most conversions are easy, hence my BattleForce is mainly composed of Mk6 Marines. My most ambitious conversion is of course Marneus Calgar, Master of the UltraMarines. His pose is copied from the metal 28mm Jes Goodwin sculpture, so it will be instantly recognizable on the battlefield.

Epic Marneus Calgar

Marneus Calgar with Veteran Bodyguards. Calgar is a
14 piece conversion.

Epic Support Units

This support unit includes an Attack Bike, Mk1 Landspeeder, and a Dreadnaught. All vehicle crews are converted to Mk6 armor.

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