Epic 40K UltraMarines Battleforce
Headquarters Units


Thunderhawk Gunship
Landraiders and Rhinos
Marneus Calgar and Support Units
Headquarters Units
Terminator Squads
Tatical and Devestator Squads
Assault and Scout Squads

The plastic miniatures in the Command Squad are based on designs from the larger Warhammer 40K 28mm range of metal miniatures. They add a lot of character to any Space Marine army. The Mk6 Marines in shooting poses are metal miniatures from Adeptus Titanicus, a game that even predates 1St Edition Space Marine!!!

Epic Command Squad

Ultramarines Command Squad. The Captain
has been converted with a Mk6 helmet.

Epic Librarian Squad

Librarian Squad with bodyguard of metal
Adeptus Titanicus era Marines

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