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Tokyo Marui Type 90
Tokyo Marui Leopard 2A5
Marui Export or Toyeast VS Tank M1A2 Abrams
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Marui Export or Toyeast VS-Tank M1A2 Abrams

Factory- Enlsion, licensed from Tokyo Marui

Release Date – 2003 & 2004

Status – Currently in Production

Price- $90 USD with shipping

ToyEast VS-Tank Abrams in NATO camouflage. NTC and desert camo available as well.


In 2003, Ensilion, the factory that manufactured the M1A2 Abrams for Tokyo Marui released the tank for sale after obtaining a license for distribution outside of Japan. These tanks have been termed “Marui Export” by most retailers, to differentiate them from poor quality Hen Long Abrams tanks.


To prepare it for international sale, the instruction manual was (poorly) translated into English, FCC warning tags affixed to the transmitter, and the Tokyo Marui logo removed from the box and all documentation.


The Marui Export M1A2 Abrams has the same quality materials, components, and assembly found in original Marui labeled tanks. This is hardly surprising since Ensilion is the manufacturer of both. The only feature that distinguishes an original Tokyo Marui Abrams from an Ensilion factory product are small plastic plates that cover the Tokyo Marui logos found on the bottom of the tank hull, the transmitter handle, and the sprue frames for the detail accessories. Ensilion factory “Marui Export” Abrams are available in the original desert tan and three color NTC camouflage schemes. The box, packaging and transmitter are identical to Marui’s with the exception of removed Tokyo Marui logos.


In 2004, the Hong Kong based toy retailer, ToyEast began sales of the Ensilion factory “Marui Export” M1A2 Abrams under their own label “VS-Tanks”. These also feature the same components, paint and assembly quality and function as found in original Marui tank. This time, a “NATO” like camouflage is offered in addition to the two previous desert and NTC camouflage.  The NATO camouflage is correct in color, but uses the wrong pattern. However, only Abrams enthusiasts will notice this error.


The ToyEast VS-Tank M1A2 has the “Export Abrams” English instructions, and a new yellow box with bolt head graphics similar to that of the Marui Leopard 2A5 box. Yellow road warning stripes are painted on the hull corners, and optional markings are supplied on shiny adhesive stickers. It also has the same dark metallic gray transmitter of the Marui Leopard. In addition, a plate now covers the Marui logo inside the tanks commander’s hatch, something that was mistakenly forgotten on earlier “Marui Export” Abrams.


ToyEast offers extra 27mhz frequency crystals, spare antennas, and rubber tracks on their website. If you can find them, the Tokyo Marui separate ABS link tracks will fit perfectly on VS-Tanks Abrams. Ensilion factory Abrams are a great way to obtain a quality product at discount prices.

The booklet features images taken from Concord's M1A1/M1A2 Abrams book.