MINIATURE-ART - Other Airsoft Tank Review

Tokyo Marui Type 90
Tokyo Marui Leopard 2A5
Marui Export or Toyeast VS Tank M1A2 Abrams
Hen Long Airsoft Tanks
Tokyo Marui Leopard 2A5 MBT

Release Date – 2002

Factory- Unknown for Tokyo Marui

Status- Out of Production

Price- $125 USD



Paint Quality- Extremely sharp 3 color NATO standard camouflage of green, black and brown. The pattern is accurate, and colors appear correct in shade. Markings are for a tank used in the Balkan Peace-Keeping operations during the late 1990’s. The markings are sharp, on register and bright. Tokyo Marui’s best effort to date.


Assembly Quality- ABS hull and turret, screwed together for strength. The numerous surface details are extremely sharp, especially the two large engine intake mesh pattern on the rear hull. Panel lines and bolt heads are prominent, and parts (track ice cleats, tow hooks, etc.) are already assembled on the tank.


Accessories- A tank commander and 7.62 machine gun (preassembled) are included. It’s worth to note that all sprue stubs and mold lines are cleaned off the machine gun.


Aisoft Mechanism – Spring powered, capable of shooting 0.12g 6mm pellets approximately 75 feet.


Motors- Three size 130 Mabuchi electric motors with carbon brushes control turret rotation, gun elevation and Airsoft mechanism. An additional two size 280 Mabuchi motors form the gearbox that drives the tank, geared for speed.


Batteries- 8 AA batteries power the tank; the transmitter uses a single 9v battery.


Transmitter- Short pistol style push button unit as used in the M1A2 Abrams. The transmitter is dark metallic gray in color and uses any of six interchangeable 27mhz frequency crystals.


Antenna- Dual stainless steel (one functional), removable from turret rear.


Function- Runs exactly the same as the M1A2 Abrams with three forward speeds, two forward turning speeds, and single reverse/reverse turning speeds.

The Leopard 2A5 runs quieter and slighty faster than the Tokyo Marui M1A2.


Comments- The last of Tokyo Marui’s modern main battle tanks, with very crisp surface detail, and impeccable assembly and paint quality. Gearbox has different gearing ratios than the Abrams, allowing it to run quieter in turns and slight faster in forward speeds. Also the additional side turret armor panels swing out; a feature found on the actual tank.

Take care with the commander’s turret hatch, you must first lift it straight up, then rotates to the side to open. Separate ABS link tracks are available for the Leopard 2A5.

The turret side armor opens, note the fine mesh detail on the hull rear