MINIATURE-ART - Other Airsoft Tank Review

Tokyo Marui Type 90
Tokyo Marui Leopard 2A5
Marui Export or Toyeast VS Tank M1A2 Abrams
Hen Long Airsoft Tanks
Tokyo Marui Type 90 MBT

Factory- Enlsion for Tokyo Marui

Release Date – 2000

Status – Out of Production

Price- $125 USD



Paint Quality – The two tone camouflage is neatly sprayed in the standard JGSDF colors. In comparison to published photos and Tamiya Hobby Colors, the green used appear a bit darker. Markings are supplied in water slide decal sheets representing two tank school training battalions.


Assembly Quality – The hull and turret assemblies are made of ABS plastic, and screwed together with no misalignment of body parts. Surface detail is accurate to published photos; the anti-slip pads on the turret and hull top appear a bit soft. The front mud flaps are made of hard plastic, molded with the upper hull. The turret features a rubber dust cover covering the gap of the main gun mantlet. It can be removed to blow dirt out of the Airsoft mechanism.


Accessories – The Type 90 comes with a tank commander figure, 50cal. machine gun, tow hooks, tow cable, turn lights and turret wind sensor. They are prepainted on the sprue for you to assemble.


The detail parts "push-fit" onto the tank. Note the tall style transmitter.

Aisoft Mechanism – Spring powered, capable of shooting 0.12g 6mm pellets approximately 75 feet.


Motors- Three 130 size Mabuchi electric motors with carbon brushes control turret rotation, gun elevation and Airsoft mechanism. An additional two size 280 Mabuchi motors forms the gearbox that drives the tank, geared for speed.

Batteries- 8 AA batteries power the tank; the transmitter uses a single 9v battery.


Transmitter- Tall pistol style push button unit. Type 90 tanks are sold either in 27mhz or 40mhz fixed frequencies.


Antenna- Single stainless steel, fixed to rear of the hull.


Function- Type 90 has two forward speeds, and single speeds for turning left and right in forward and reverse. To activate the second forward speed, a “boost” button is located under the transmitter grip. Maximum speed is comparable to the Tokyo Marui Abrams.


Comments- The Type 90 may lack the refinements seen in the newer M1A2 Abrams and Leopard 2A5, but it is a great addition to any Airsoft tank collection. Be sure to obtain the 40mhz variant so it can run with other Tokyo Marui tanks. Separate ABS track links available.