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Warhammer Fantasy Orc


This Warhammer Fantasy Orc was given out for free by Games Workshop retail stores, to be painted in a competition to promote Warhammer Fantasy Battle version 6. As a plastic miniature, it's absolutely amazing how much sculpted detail is present. It rivals it's metal counterparts in size, and dynamic pose. Since I was helping to judge the in-store painting competition, I couldn't submit an entry, but that doesn't mean I can't paint the Orc for display!
Painting this miniature was extremely fun. I've never painted green skin tones before, but it is definitely a welcome challenge and a good learning experience. A Fantasy Orc is about as different from a WH40K Space Marine as you can get! I tried to balance the green skin color with a reddish armor with paint chips on the surface. The splattered blood effect on the swords is a variation of the technique developed by Tim Lison, manager of the NYC Games Workshop retail outlet. I hope I did justice to his technique.
This Orc was painter in September 2000.