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The Unicorn

This Unicorn actually started life as as Pegacorn (Pegasus/Unicorn hybrid). It was desigend by one of my favorite sculptors, Sandra Garrity for the now defunct Grenadier Inc. This is one of the best equine miniature ever produced with special attention to form and overall proportions. The best feature of this miniature is that Ms. Garrity was able to convey a sense of grace and nobility that a Unicorn should exhibit. If you look into its brown eyes you can almost imagine an intelligence lacking in brutal warhorses. I believe this miniature was availble from Lance and Laser Models, and Ms. Garrity has sculpted many other Pegasi, and Unicorns for Reaper Miniatures.

Unicorn, Head detail

Base Details

Because white is used throughout the Unicorn, I used every opportuinty to add color to the miniature so it wouldn't appear too stark. To do this I added a tan color to the underbelly, some pink to the nostrils, and light glazes of purple to the mane and tail.
A few daisies, and a fallen branch with leaves add interest to the base, painted in a brown color with a hint of red added. This miniature was presented to Cecilia on 02/14/01.