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Laurana from Dragonlance


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Laurana from Dragonlance
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This miniature was originally part of a boxed set titled "Reflections of Myth" by Ral Partha. The miniatures were based on paintings by Larry Elmore, who did contract art for TSR. I couldn't help but notice the similarities in pose and design to Elmore's painting of Laurana standing over the body of her friend Sturm Brightblade, found in 1987's Art of the Dragonlance Saga.
With that inspiration, I decided to paint this warrior as Laurana, in a somewhat darker style, with highlights that were muted, for a more somber, realistic finish. I feel this is a wonderfully sculpted miniature by Jim Johnson. Although she's standing there's a sense of movement, with the way the cloak and banner is blowing to Laurana's right side. Even the hair encircling her face is flowing in that direction, as if caught up in a breeze.
Laurana was painted in December 1997.