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Wellington Lee

Special Announcement!
Joseph Y.C. Wong has been elected by the membership as the PSNY President for the 2005 term.
The first club activity is tentatively scheduled for February 2005 at Confucious Plaza.


The Photographic Society of New York was found in 1949 by the photography legend Mr. Wellington Lee and others.  In our over 50 years of history, we grew from a small group to an international organization with members all over the world.  Many of our member have achieved high recognition and our annual International Salon Competition is highly regarded by the photographic community.

Our mission, then and now, is "to promote the Art and Science of Photography".  Our aim is to enable our members to get more out of photography by helping them to meet other people with the like interest, develop their skill in photography, aware of new development in this field, and join and see some of the best photographic saloon exhibition. 

We promote general interests in photography by sponsoring several photographs exhibition a year in the local community centers.  Not only the accepted entries of the International Saloon are exhibited.  There are exhibitions of members' ordinary creations, our quarterly competition as well, and works of famous photographers.  We also have free seminars on various photography subjects which are opened to the general public.  Please check our What's New page for the coming events.

PSNY is a non-profit organization.  All donations to us are tax-deductible. 
We also accept sponsors from commercial entities for our exhibitions and seminars.  Our publications are mailed to many areas of the world and logos of our sponsors are highly visible in all of our events.  Parties interested in giving donations or sponsorship please contact us for details.

Please help us aid the tsunami disaster victims:


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