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Wellington Lee


Wellington Lee
b. 1918 - d. 2002

Wellington Lee has been active in his pursuit of photographic expression for over 60 years. His photographs have been accepted at over 15000 juried salons worldwide and his name and work are legendary among camera clubs throughout Asia, Europe, and North America.
Wellington Lee moved to the USA in 1935, where he began an active interest in photography. He was founder of the Photo Society of New York and chaired many committees both in America and over seas regarding the expansion and promotion of photography as a fine art. His photographs of New York, the nude figure and ballet dancers have received over one thousand awards, and have been exhibited internationally. Lee is also known for his development of the color printing process know as Addacolor, a creative color printing process generated from a black and white negative.
The continued success of PSNY is a testament to his foresight, and leadership.

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