Maximus, Emperor's Champion
Maximus, Details #2


Maximus, Front View
Maximus, Details #1
Maximus, Details #2

Calvaryman's Spatha

Most foes warily avoid Maximus' Power Sword only to be cut down by the humble carbon steel Spatha.


The Master Crafted Bolt Pistol has a new accurized muzzle, and UltraMarines markings.

Maximus, Front Base

The front view of the base shows freehand decorative designs on the ruined flagstones.

Black Sword and Ultramarines Symbol

The miniature has been posed to appear as if Maximus has made a sweeping cut with the "Black Sword", ready to block any counterattack with his right arm.
For the UltraMarines, the "Black Sword" is a misnomer. This two-handed power weapon has the characteristic green glow of their manufacture.
Note the talisman hanging from a leather strap on Maximus' left wrist and the sacred UltraMarines Chapter symbol on the left shoulder pad. The segmented overlapping armor plates of the Artificer (MK2 Crusade pattern)Armor have been re-painted white in honor of Maximus' service to the Emperor.

Maximus, Rear Base

This rear view of the base shows the broken flagstones with the budding flora.

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