Maximus, Emperor's Champion
Maximus, Details #1


Maximus, Front View
Maximus, Details #1
Maximus, Details #2

Maximus without helmet

Originally, Maximus' head was sculpted entirely from Kneadatite over a small wooden rod. Plenty of photographic references allowed for a reasonable likeness to Russel Crowe.

MK2 Artificer helmet

Maximus can also be displayed with a modified MK2 Artificer helmet. A new menacing profile was sculpted from Kneadatite, with a reinforced studded brow. A metal helmet crest adds a proper Greco-Roman touch befitting of UltraMarines heroes.

Maximus Head Detail

For a sense of proper scale, the detail photo shows that facial hairs were painted on, and not sculpted.

Maximus, right shoulder detail

In the movie Gladiator, Maximus displays a tattoo, "SPQR" signifying his allegiance to Rome. This interesting bit of cinematic trivia was carried over to reinforce the UltraMarines historic ties to ancient Terra.

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