Maximus, Emperor's Champion
Maximus, Front View


Maximus, Front View
Maximus, Details #1
Maximus, Details #2

Maximus, front view

Maximus wears highly modified Mk2(Crusade Pattern) Adeptus Astartes artificer armor sculpted from Kneadatite. Fashioned from overlapping plates, the design borrows elements from actual Roman Loica Segmentata armor. A decorative groin guard was also made of Kneadatite, similar to Captain Diogenes. Besides a double handed Power Sword, and master crafted Bolt Pistol, Maximus carries a Spatha (cavalryman's gladius) a weapon from the UltraMarines' historic past. Unlike the Emperor's Champions of other Space Marine Chapters, Ultramarines reserve their Iron Halo honors for Captains due to their scarcity.

After Games Day/Golden Demons 2001, Maximus was heavily repainted, and rebased on a larger 40mm round monster base, with additonal rubble and foliage. A new banner bearing the Imperial Laurel, and the motto "Strength and Honor" in Imperial Gothic, heralds Maximus' former duty as the Standard Bearer of the 8th Company.

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