Ultramarines Tactical Squad
Weapon Specialists


Squad Leaders
Tactical Marines
Weapon Specialists

Wapon Specialists, Front

The Heresy era missle launchers were huge, with integral magazines holding a clip of 4 Krak, or Frag missles. The heavy and special weapons were painted yellow, the colors of the 2nd Company. The visors of all the miniatures were painted with shading and highlights, to give these gaming miniatures that little extra sparkle.

Weapon Specialists, Side

The older version of the UltraMarines Chapter markings are a bit more stylized then the current ones offered on the Space Marine transfer sheets. Whenever possible, accessories such as hoslters, and weapon clips were painted yellow, a color that complents the blue armor. A red gem on the Heresy pattern Flamer adds a bit of color to the Marine.

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