Ultramarines Tactical Squad
Tactical Marines


Squad Leaders
Tactical Marines
Weapon Specialists

Tactical Marines 1

In their youth, many veteran gamers assembled their plastic multi-part Marines in wild poses, with limbs flaying about in all directions. I feel Tactical Marines often look best in a more restrained pose, calmly shooting their enemies, before charging in close combat.

Tactical Marines 2

The Mk6, or Corvus pattern armor has a distinctive pointed helmet, and reinforced studded shoulder armor plates. They lack the internal chest cables, and articulated knee armor of the later Mk8 pattern armor. These troops have hand painted yellow arrows indicating they are Tactical Marines.
The pointed "beakie" helmets have highlights applies to the sides of the faceplate, rather than the front. This is done so that the deep blue color of the armor is not lightened excessively.

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