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Baciphus, Champion of Nurgle


Baciphus, Champion of Nurgle
Plague Marine Medic
Plague Marine Seargent
Plage Marine Standard Bearer
Plague Techmarine

Baciphus, Champion of Nurgle

Bachipus, is a horrible mutated, disease ridden and bile infested Champion of Nurgle. His pose is based on the Imperial Space Marine Captain, with Plague Sword in the left hand, and an archaic Plasma Pistol in the right.

Beciphus, Detail 1

Tim is reknown for his ability to paint in tiny script. Also note the infected area behind Baciphus'head where the tubes protude from.



Baciphus, Detail 2

Bachipus has mutated clawed feet, as well as many bloody tentacles, and pus infected sores on his power armor.

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