Leonatos, Front View


Leonatos, Front View
Leonatos, Rear View

Leonatos, Front View

Leonatos, Front Detail

Leonatos, Front view. The armor was modified with a lowered MK8 collar, winged belt buckle, and red blood drop gems. In addition numerous studs were added to the gauntlet and chestplate. A skull honor was added to the right knee, and his symbolic winged skull was added to the left shoulder pad.

Open Left Hand

The Chainsword is double length, with gold inlaid designs and the left hand is open, with seperate fingers. Service studs adorn his head, and an Ork skull and ivy were added to the base. This pose is based on elements from the cover of 1st issue of Warhammer Monthly, and black and white illustrations from the Warhammer Warriors combat books series.

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