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Captain Diogenes


Captain Diogenes

Captain Diogenes

Diogenes is my current Captain of the Ultramarines Second Company. The miniature itself is from the Rogue Trader Era, circa 1989. I didn't have any desire to paint him until the arrival of the 3rd. edition of Warhammer 40K in the Fall of 1999. Then Games Workshop just released the Space Marine Command Squad boxed set with it's awesome Marine Captain.
Inspired by that miniature, I quickly modified the old Captain with the goal of updating such a classic miniature with a better paint job. To give Diogenes a heroic flair, a purple cape was made from Kneadatite.
Since the 2nd. edition of Warhammer 40K, decorations on the armor of the Ultramarines seem to be inspired by Ancient Roman motifs. With that in mind, I added a jewel encrusted balteus,(decorative groin armor) to his waist.

Diogenes details

The inset image to the left shows a Kneadatite Boltgun strap, complete with sculpted decorative attachments.
Using Diogenes as an example, I certainly feel that older Rogue Trader era Marines, when well painted still exhibit a certain charm and individuality that newer Marines seem to lack. For those who are interested, this miniature is now availble from the US Games Workshop Mailorder Archive. It is item #070140/10 CAPTAIN.

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