Leonatos, Front View
Leonatos, Rear View

This is my rendition of Captain Leonatos from the comic series BloodQuest, featured in Warhammer Monthly. Leonatos was a hero of the Blood Angles Chapter, exiled from his brethen as punishment for losing a Chapter relic in battle. Until he recoveres the stolen Blade Eancarmine, Leonatos and his band of loyal followers are destined to search the entire galaxy, laying waste to the enemies of humanity.

Leonatos was made from the plastic Marines found in the 4th ed. Tatical Squad box set. The new plastic miniatures are larger, and have finer detail than their metal counterparts. This is important because it allows you to create a tall, detailed, and imposing special character.
In all, Leonatos consist of 102 seperate plastic, and sculpted details. I spent 50 hours painting it for competition.
Captain Leonatos earned 1st place Warhammer 40K Single Miniature at Games Day/Golden Demon 2000.

Leonatos in battle

Captain Leonatos, at the battle for Sekundar Prime.
Digital composite image.

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Leonatos, Front View

Leonatos, Rear View

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