BloodQuest Miniatures Conversion

This article deals with the conversion of plastic Space Marine miniatures into the heros seen in BloodQuest book 2.
Leonatos and his Exiles are fairly extensive, but straightfoward conversions; with a bit of patience, some plastic card/rod and Kneadatite (greenstuff) you will have accurate reprsentations of the heros of BloodQuest.

The folks at the Black Library (Games Workshop's mighty publishing arm) asked if I could write this article for their website; and with their helpful suggestions and encouragement, I am able present to you my biggest hobby related article to date. In it you will also find a few tips on sculpting capes, and other decorations as well.

Many thanks to Marc Gascoigne, Ragnar Karlsson, and the creative staff at the Black Library for making this happen, and for hosting my article on their website.

If you do plan on recreating the Exiles based upon the information from this article, I wish you lots of luck and fun. It certainly was for me, as well as a labor of love.

BloodQuest Miniatures

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